Imaam al-Barbahaaree said: “The innovators are like scorpions. They bury their heads and bodies in the sand and leave their tails out. When they get the chance they sting; the same with the innovators who conceal themselves amongst the people, when they are able, they do what they desire.” [Tabaqaatul-Hanaabilah, 2/44]   Please visit and subscribe to our YouTube channel Jazakallakhairun

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Book : Sahih Namaz Nabwi



  1. Muhammad Umar

    Sir plz ye book mojy TCS kar dy jetny ki b ha pessy ly le delivery pe

    • Aslaamulaykum bahi . sorry bahi mere paas asal copy nahi sirf PDF Hai, aap IRCPK walu sei rapta kar laiy shahid wou pakistan sei aap ko send kar sake inshallah


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