Hudhayfah ibn al-Yamaan (ra) said: “Do not perform any act of worship that was not practised by the Companions of the Messenger of Allah, for the earlier generation did not leave any room for the latter to add anything (to the religion). Fear Allah, O’ readers, seekers of knowledge, and follow the path of those who came before you.” [Narrated by Ibn Battah in Al-Ibaanah]   Please visit and subscribe to our YouTube channel Jazakallakhairun

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Vcd : Sahih Bukhari Ki Pahli Hadeeth Par Dars

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  1. saleem khan kamalpuri

    mashaAllah jazakAllah khayran. aawaz shuru main saheeh hay phir thori dair kay baad aawaz naheen hay laiken alhamdulillah baad main saheeh ho jaty hay.Allah subhanahu wa t’aala shaikhe muhtaram ko Jannatul Firdos main aala jaggah ata farmaey aameen.shaikh Rahimahullah shaikh muhammad zubair alizaee rahimahullah kay Ustad hain. this is my facebook page:>>>

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