Hudhayfah ibn al-Yamaan (ra) said: “Do not perform any act of worship that was not practised by the Companions of the Messenger of Allah, for the earlier generation did not leave any room for the latter to add anything (to the religion). Fear Allah, O’ readers, seekers of knowledge, and follow the path of those who came before you.” [Narrated by Ibn Battah in Al-Ibaanah]   Please visit and subscribe to our YouTube channel Jazakallakhairun

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Book : Asli Ahle Sunnet



  1. The original Ahl Sunnat wal Jamaat’s origin is from Aaqa e Naamdar Taj Dar e Madina Ahmad e Mustafa Hazrat Muhammad Sallallaho Alaihe wa Sallam through Sahab e Rasululah Sallallaho Alaihe wa Sallam through Jumla Imam through Buzurgon e Deen Rahmatullah Alaih Ajmaeen through Hazrat Ahmed Raza Khan Rahmatullah Alaih till this time. Don’t say yours is real Ahle Sunnat Jamaat yours is Ahle Hadees. Every one knows, whole world knows. Don’t try to misguide common men.

    • I think brother you need to study islam not Brewleviyet to know who Ahlus sunnah are . If the brewlevies are from ahlus sunnah then there is no Bidah/Shirk/kufr upon this earth.

      The Sahabah where ahlus sunnah alhamdulilah and today there is no other sect Except Ahlul Hadeeth who are upon their way in aqeedah and manhajj

      Alhamdulilah even you havve recognised we are are ahlul hadeeth . My Question to you is how can you be ahlus sunnah without being ahlul hadeeth ?

      you think you can become one by doing shirk/kufr/bidah ? Ajeeb


      May allah guide us all Ameen

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